Monday, April 9, 2012

'Gorjuss Girls' calendar cards

Went back to my roots with these cards.

I started my card making nearly 10 years ago with an old calendar and the idea of making cheap birthday cards for my family (as a student I needed to save my money for beer!). It's still an idea I sometimes use although my recent makes are much better that the originals!

May seem odd, but now is a great time to pick up cheap calendars (if you can still find them). I managed to get a large 'Gorjuss girls' calendar for only 50p from a local department store (well 4 actually). So far, I've made 10 cards using 2 of the calendars, some A3 card & some stickles glitter glue. They are all simply decoupaged cards with a hint of embellishment.




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