Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sincerely Yours, Lincoln- May 2012

Visited the Lincolnshire Showground today for the Lincolnshire, Sincerely Yours, show. Was pretty impressed on entry as there were lots more stands than at the last one in October and lots of big companies/shops too. Managed to pick up a few new goodies, and with a holiday coming up soon, I'll hopefully get a chance to use them! Need to get some cards sold too ready for a possible trip to Kanban in a couple of weeks! Anyway, todays purchases...

Started off with a good bargain, picking up a 'skater boy' stamp at the reduced price of £3.50. It's about 3 inch sqaure and will be perfect as a topper for some slightly different cards (I think it came from the 'Honey Doo's Crafts' stand but can't be sure!)

I did invest in a set of 'rock a blocks' but not the Crafters Companion version but some by Imagination Crafts (the stencil people) instead- basically they were cheaper at £10.99 per set for a very similar product. When I've had a chance to try them out, I will report back just how much difference they have made to my stamping. Got those from the 'Little Claire' stand who also had some lovely stamps.

The next purchase was a really beautiful metal embossing stencil from the 'The Craft Station' stand. It is of a 3 tiered cake with flowers flowing down one side. There is also a small shower of hearts from the top of it. Definitely worth £7.99 and will make some lovely wedding cards.

I've been looking for a new craft mat for a while, mine is black & that really doesn't help to keep my cards clean when I can't see the inks that are all over it! Most of them were retailing at about £5 but I got mine from 'Designs by TabbyKat' as theirs was only £4.25 for exactly the same product!

Also got 2 other items from the 'Designs by TabbyKat' stand- a new set of 6 Summer 2012 promarkers in some fabulously bright colours (£9.75) & The Card Hut 'Garden Sheds' cd-rom (from the makers of the mimic creations cd I loved so much) for only £15- particularly like it as it has lots of black & white images so I can try out my new spectrum noir colouring skills!

Every time i've been to the NEC for the last couple of years, I have tried to get a cog mask/stencil that I want to use for my (still to be completed) Take That 2011 scrapbook. When I saw one on the 'Ali-Craft' stand today, the usual rules of price comparison went right out the window and it was bought there and then! They were on offer at 3 for £9 or £3.40 each so I got the cog one I've needed(!) for so long but also a rather fabulous crown & a Union Jack design too.

Final purchases came from the 'Meiflower' stand which was anotated on my map simply as RIBBON!!! They always have a brilliant selection of silk, organza & grosgrain ribbon in various widths and pretty much every colour you could ever want- and all at really good prices. The silk ribbon I got, has 23m on a roll and was £1.50! Ended up with 24 different colours (from a choice of about 40) and the man running the stall was nice enough to give us a bit of a discount as we had bought so many! Also got 2 small plastic dummies for my 2011 Take That scrapbook!!! (that will only make any sense to a true 1990's take that fan!)

All in all, a good day with some great new stash to play with as soon as I get chance- half term soon but I really need to get some scrapbooking done as there's a visit to the Making of Harry Potter very soon and that is most definitely going to need to be scrapbooked and I have just ordered 3 lovely new scrapbooks/photo albums from Craft Superstore- I'll blog about those in more detail when they arrive (hopefully next week!)

The next Sincerely Yours show in Lincoln is in October but they have others around the country too. Definitely worth a visit to your local one as entry is only £3 if you pre-book and that includes free tea & coffee all day- bargain!

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