Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEVER tidy a craft room!!!

This blog acts as a word of warning to all crafters...


After my, very disappointing, trip to Peterborough in search of crafting bargains, last week, I took a trip to Nottingham to see if Hobbycraft there had anything better to offer me. Having left with about £50 of stuff (worth about £100) then I can say I was most definitely impressed. Favourite deal was a fabulous snowflake shaped cookie/cake tin for £7.50- originally £15!

Nottingham = Ikea

I went with the mission of buying extra bookcases and cd storage and that mission was successfully completed however, I also saw a very handy looking large shelving unit that instantly screamed at me "I'm perfect for making your craft room tidy". I should have realised that that was mission impossible anyway! The next day after the Ikea visit, the diy began and all the shelving went together very quickly. Cd's, Dvd's, Books & Scrapbook Albums were organised in record time so I was obviously feeling adventourous.

I then decided that it would be a good idea to go through all of my crafting boxes (mainly Kanban stuff) and re-sort it so that similar themes were together. That was last Thursday, and my living room, hallway and landing are all still full of boxes and piles of stuff that needs sorting. Not good considering that I'm now back at work again!

My advice- never tidy your craft room

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