Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cheap Promarker & Spectrum Noir storage

Over the past few years, I've built up quite a collection of both Spectrum Noir & Promarker alcohol pens. Trying to keep them stored flat has always been a bit of an issue, espically when it comes to finding the pen I actually want to use. When C&C had on their special storage unit the other week I thought my prayers had been answered. The storage system was great but there was no way that I was willing to pay about £80 to have enough space for my Spectrum Noirs and still have to struggle with my Promarkers. That set my mind to thinking and I have come up with, what I think, is a pretty good solution. Most importantly, it cost less that £15 in total.

It started with a simple Billy bookcase from Ikea that cost £10-
BILLY Bookcase IKEA Narrow shelves help you to use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space.
Ikea at Nottingham have a section near the tills where they sell some furniture that is cheap because it has been on display, they also sell various pieces of wood that have come from broken goods. I managed to get a large piece of hardboard that would originally have been for the backboard of a bookcase for just 70p! It's big enough to cut 10 shelves out of with lots left over. I got 40 shelf supports from Wilko's for about £3. The bookcase has lots of extra holes drilled so you can put the shelves where you like but these are perfect. I have put a shelf in each of the spaces and that has given me the perfect amount of space for all of my pens and an extra space at the top and bottom for other stuff.

Considerably cheaper than the proper version, not quite as fancy but the £65 that I saved makes up for that!

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