Sunday, December 30, 2012

DoCrafts online store

On Boxing Day, I received my weekly email from the DoCrafts website. I normally just flick through them to see if there are any exciting new products and then delete them but this one caught my eye- no surprise there as it involved a bargain!

They were/are having a sale where lots of items are priced at either 25p, 49p or £1.25. I had a look at the website and there were some proper bargains to be had. The p+p was quite expensive at almost £5 but I ending up spending about £25 on products and just know that when it arrives I'm going to have a major addition to my crafty stash. I can't exactly remember what I ordered as it was a bit manic and it hasn't arrived yet with the holidays, but when it does I'll post a picture of all the goodies.

I know that I've definitely got some urban stamps, peel-off folders and decoupage card kits on their way- and all for a seriously bargainous price!

Most of the goodies have probably gone now but it's obviously a website to keep an eye on and next time they have a sale get in fast- in fact, I probably shouldn't be sharing this information as next time all the good stuff might be gone before I get there! I've think I've probably got enough stuff anyway- just!

Happy New Year!

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