Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I was watching the regular Tuesday afternoon crafting slot on QVC looking forward to what they were calling 'Steam Punk' and imagining something really fab! I was a bit disappointed with the QVC offerings but they did start with the Tim Holtz/Ranger alcohol inks which I've been wanting for ages.

As I was already online, I thought I'd do a quick internet price comparison and that's when I came across Papercrafts.tv and I'm really glad that I did!!! It took me a while to compare the prices because they sold all of the inks individually which is obviously really good if you just want to buy a few. I ended up selecting all of the inks available on QVC plus a colour called 'purple twilight' which I couldn't resist. Even with p+p it worked out cheaper than the QVC price so I ended up adding the blending solution and some felt applicators to my order. As it was my first order I also found a 10% discount code and ended up with free p+p too! All in all, I ended up paying less than  would have done at QVC but getting more.

I'm not great at waiting for deliveries to arrive and they always seem to take forever where I live, especially if it's coming by Royal Mail, but having ordered on the Tuesday, they were delivered on the Friday of the same week and by Friday afternoon I'd already used them all! They kept me updated all the way through the delivery process letting me know by e-mail when my parcel had been packed and then when it shipped which was great for my impatience. They were well packed when they arrived and everything was as I'd ordered.

The delivery note also points out that they offer discounts on your next purchase if you review your purchase or upload photos of what you've done with it, which I think is a really nice touch. It's obviously a new website as some of the product categories don't have anything in them yet but DEFINITELY WORTH A LOOK!!!

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