Friday, November 4, 2011

NEC Birmingham

I'm off to the NEC this weekend for bargains galore & lots of exciting new products (hopefully)!!!

Just thought i'd blog about HOW i approach a big show like the NEC so that some of you can find the bargains too...

The key is to not get carried away- difficult i know!

I start with a blank notebook and a good selection of pens (spares are essential because if one stopped working i'd be screwed!) and also a couple of highlighters. The first few hours are spent looking carefully at every stand in the place and writing down anything I like the look of. I write down the stall number and the product including price. The system sometimes has to be changed if a product is rare or you definitely know it is only available on one stand e.g. lily of the valley toppers or DCWV stacks. They can be bought straight away!!!

I then spend lunchtime looking through all my notes and comparing the prices of each item that i want to buy. I then highlight each one and return to the stalls in question. If the cheapest stall has sold out, I can check my notes and go to the next one on the list.

It works really well for me and means that I don't buy something and then see it cheaper on another stall- that would really annoy me as i'd be thinking that i could have got something else with that money!!!

If there are certain items that i definitely need e.g. envelopes then i will write all of the stall names & prices for them onto one sheet as i see them just to save a bit of sorting over lunch.

hope this helps anyone who goes to a big show and doesn't really know where to start!

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