Thursday, August 9, 2012

Once Upon A Stamp

Lot's of love here on my blog tonight for the 'Once Upon a Stamp' website. A craft company based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire who I had not used until this week but they will definitely be added to my list of quality websites.

I've needed a new scoring board for a while but didn't really fancy one of those hougie boards that are on c&c. I'd seen a new product called the 'Scorpal' on the craft superstore website but it was out of stock. Lucky for me it was as I accidentally found one this week on the 'Once Upon a Stamp' website for cheaper than it was on craft superstore.

There are 3 different versions available:- a 6"x6" mini scorpal, a metric 30.5x30.5cm version or a 12"x12" one. The difference between the metric and imperial versions is important because all of the boards have multiple lines at regular intervals as well as for the key card folding techniques. All 3 versions are available on their site and I went for the metric version as I always work in cms (at least older crafters who are more comfortable with inches, have the option to go for that if they wish). All of the versions come with the folding tool and this is housed in a handy little clip section at the top of the board so it cannot fall out and you shouldn't be able to lose it!

They currently have an offer where you get the 6x6 board free when you buy the metric board so I got both for just £24.99. This is much cheaper than the craft superstore website (which I do love too) and, most importantly, they have some in stock. I placed my order on Tuesday afternoon and it was delivered this morning (Thursday) so that's great service too. They also have the option on their website to give them your credit/debit card details over the phone rather than over the internet if you are not keen on buying things online. Free p&p too!

I've not looked at the rest of their website as yet but I'm sure I will pretty soon!

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