Sunday, September 9, 2012

Step by Step Cardmaking- Lesson 3- matting & layering

Matting & Layering is one of the key techniques used in card making to add emphasis to your chosen toppers. It gives you a chance to use some of the beautiful patterned papers & cards that are available as well as speciality cardstock such as mirror card or glitter card.

Matting & Layering is simply the technique of using these different papers/cards to place a border around the main topper of your card. It can be used to make the topper stand out from the base card and provides a professional finish. It is one of the simplest techniques but very effective. Accurate measuring is important and a paper trimmer or guillotine can help although a pair of scissors and a ruler will do.

Start by measuring the topper you wish to layer and make a note of this measurement (it's always handy to have some scrap paper where you are working). When you have chosen your 'mat', cut this paper/card to either 0.5cm or 1cm extra on each side e.g. starting with a topper that is 10cm x 14cm, for a narrow border cut the mat at 11cm x 15cm or for a slightly wider border, cut the mat at 12cm x 16cm.

You can use more than 1 layer if you wish but I would not advise more than 2- it can be too much.

The examples below give an idea of how to choose the colours you will use for you matting & layering but the main advice is to try things out & use your own imagination.

This card has a mainly white base card and
a topper using shades of blue. To continue
the icy theme, I chose to mat the topper with
silver mirror card.

This card also has a white base card but the purple mirror card was chosen as the
mat to enhance the purple of the flowers
in the topper.

For this card, I chose a contrasting green
mat as both the backing paper & topper
were mainly pink. If I had used a pink mat,
it would not have made the topper stand
out as I wished.

For this card, I chose a contrasting turquoise foil
paper for the mat. I chose to use a turquoise mat
as this was one of the background colours in the
main topper.

Almost forgot to mention how to attach the layers together! D'oh! I usually use double sided tape but if you want to add extra dimension then you can use 3d foam. If you're going to use 3d foam, buy the really cheap stuff from poundland but I would advise spending a little more (not much) on your double sided tape. Poundland do sell it and if you're only using card then it's fine but if you use it on a thinner paper than the tape will start to show through after a while. I always stock up on my double sided tape when I go to the NEC as you get at least 10 rolls for £5 and there's lots on each roll too. I usually get it from the 1craft1 stand and I think they have a website so you could always have a look for it there but it may not be the same bargain. My advice- go to the NEC in November, you'll get lots of inspiration too, & you can use your Tesco clubcard vouchers on their triple deal to get your ticket!

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  1. I have found matting and layering really difficult. I just couldn't get it right. Your idea of starting at the top was a light bulb moment for me, everyone does it the other way around. Thank you.