Sunday, September 23, 2012

Step by Step Cardmaking- Lesson 5- pyramage

Following on from the last lesson about decoupage, I thought that it would be a good idea to talk about pyramage today as it is a natural follow on and could cause confusion if we don't address it.

Pyramage is very similar to decoupage and the method is exactly the same. You need exactly the same tools (although a proper paper trimmer helps) and you will get a very similar result of a layered final image but as the name suggests, the finished style will be that of a pyramid.

The first picture, below, is the example I used to show decoupage in my previous lesson
The layers are cut to match the shape of the image.

In pyramage, the shape of the image is not really important- a basic shape e.g. square, circle, triangle or rectangle is used instead (as shown below)
 Each layer starts off the same and is cut in a slightly smaller size for each layer used. They are again stacked using either 3d foam or silicone glue (see lesson 4).

Pyramage can be easier or harder than decoupage depending on the image used but I feel it is easier to create your own design as I did here starting from just 4 exactly the same images (printed from the Papermania 'Enchanted' cd-rom). You do have to be careful that when you cut the layers, take an even amount from each side though, otherwise the balance of the design will be off.

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